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Eliminate Pet Urine Smells Quickly & Effectively

URICIDE® is a super charged, bio-enzymatic odor neutralizer and stain remover that is specially formulated to eliminate the most offensive organic waste odors in both residential and commercial applications. Our extraordinary product is chemical free, bio-degradable, non-toxic and 100% eco friendly. Safe to use on all surfaces!

URICIDE® eliminates odors from urine, pet stools, vomit, blood, skunk spray, saliva, food grease, perspiration and more. You will be amazed by the odor fighting ability of URICIDE.®

How To Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Carpet
Pet Odor Eliminator


If you have pet urine odors on carpet and in other areas in your home, URICIDE® is the solution you’ve been looking for. Unlike other odor eliminating, “ scented “ products that simply cover up and mask the smells, URI-CIDE® attacks the problem at its source. This remarkable process quickly and effectively solves the problem of offensive pet odors in your home or business.

URICIDE® transcends the odor elimination industry, by providing a powerful, proprietary blend of fast acting odor digesting bacteria, that consumes and neutralizes the odor causing organisms at their source.

How it Works


Most odor eliminating products that are found on the market today are considered dead enzyme products. For the time that it takes for these products to be bottled at a bottling company, sit in a warehouse while waiting to be shipped, and sit on retail shelves while waiting to be sold, these products have been sitting around for up to one year or longer. Over this time period, these, “expired “ products lose their odor fighting power. They simply do not have the odor eliminating capacity to neutralize the organisms that cause offensive odors.

URICIDE® transcends the traditional ways of eliminating odors by using a uniquely engineered strain of living bacteria that lies in a dormant stage or “ spore form “ until activated. Once URICIDE® is activated by water, it springs to life at full strength, consuming, digesting and neutralizing the offensive odors. This new and innovative odor control technology solves the problem of liquid products that typically lose their strength over time, while sitting in warehouses and on retail shelves waiting to be sold.


After several years of trying everything to get pet pee smells out of carpet,odors in 150 sq ft of artificial turf, used as a toilet by our 2 small dogs, we tried Uricide. This product, when used as directed, works. After the initial extra strength applications, we are using the normal strength, once a week to maintain odors. Even in the several days of 100 + degree weather we are having, the area is void of odor. We just ordered a gallon of the product.

Robert M, Flagstaff Arizona

“I have had artificial turf installed for about 5 years, and the area smelled so bad from pet urine, we could not enjoy our yard. When the sun heated up the turf, it was even worse. I tried other products to no avail ,so I thought I would try this product, as my last hope before having to tear out the turf. I talked to Uricide’s specialist and was given lots of helpful info on how to treat the soiled area – they where great! We can now sit outside and even enjoy barbeque’s in our large enclosed area. So yes, I would highly recommend Uricide!!”


Richard S, Arizona


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